Haute maroquinerie

VERBREUIL is a high leather goods House,
whose unique design attests to an exceptional know-how.
Its universe seduces with its textures, its colors
and the unique imprint of each skin…
A VERBREUIL model is a masterpiece composed with passion
by the expert hands of master-craftsmen owner
of the ancestral saddlery and leather goods secrets.

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Tavola disegno

The artisanal perfection

100 % hand-made in France

Tavola disegno

VERBREUIL is born from the passion of a French family for art, design and beautiful materials.
A special care is given to each and every detail both outside and inside – the real ‘artisanal perfection’. Every detail reflects the sophistication and level of precision that is VERBREUIL’s signature: a soft round handle in crocodile leather, a thin and light double-strap, a side that opens up like a delicate fan, and a harmonious interplay of contrasting leathers.
The VERBREUIL collection is entirely handmade in France. Each piece is manufactured by the same craftsman, expert in the traditional leatherwork techniques, from start to finish : more than 100 different steps are needed for some of the models.
All begins with the cut of all the different pieces making up the bag – up to 80 for some of them – making sure to follow the very specific sizes.
Once cut, the different pieces will be prepared through 2 key steps to ensure the elegance and the high end quality of the final piece :
– The splitting techniques (« refente » in french), to match the requested thickness with a precision at a 1/10th mm.
– The trimming (‘parage’ in french), to adjust the edges of each leather piece.
Once all elements have been prepared, the craftsman can start the making of the bag. To do so, he will put together then sew the different pieces (leathers and reinforcements) and start building the bag until the final assembly. In parallel, he will realise all the fine-tunings with the polishing of the sides (« bords francs » in french), the handles, the straps, the puller… all the details which are the signature of an ultimate refinement.

Artisanal perfection requires an exceptional quality of materials. VERBREUIL offers a collection that marries a unique design with outstanding craftsmanship and discerning leather selection.
Each skin is meticulously selected from the best French and European tanners.
Alligator, ostrich, karung, lizard, python, Nile perch, toad, grainedcalf, smooth or engraved, lambskin… Two-toned or monochrome, bi-material or simply dressed with one precious skin, the VERBREUIL creations are a tribute to exceptional leathers.
The unique imprint of each skin is glorified by the striking designs and the pure lines of the collection.
Each piece subtly plays with colors and materials, giving its own interpretation of the model for an exclusive bag.
Synonymous with refinement, luxury and feminity, all the VERBREUIL pieces are lined with the softest lambskin.

Tavola disegno copia

Precious Leathers

Passion for beautiful materials

Tavola disegno copia
Tavola disegno copia

Care essentials

Maintain the beauty of the skin

Tavola disegno copia

An exclusive piece crafted in the finest skins, your VERBREUIL bag is unique.

As a noble and natural material, leather deserves to be cherished and needs some little attentions to keep its radiance overtime.
– Your bag will appreciate to be treated gently and not being charged excessively.
– Spare your bag from rain or long sun exposur.
– The leather needs to alternate periods of use and rest. During the resting period, make sure to put it in its dust bag and preserve it from humidity or heat. Do no hesitate to put some bubble wrap inside to allow it to keep its original shape and smooth its leather.

If you want to pamper it further, here are some additionnal advices
> To revive the skin radiance of your pieces in grained calf or mat exotic leather, 3 to 4 times a year, please proceed as follows :
– Start by removing the dust with a silky hair brush.
– Using a soft cloth, apply a thin layer of a delicate leather care cream (without silicone) and gently massage it with a circular gesture, both outside and inside, making sure not to forget the edges.

> Lastly, and to sublimate your piece further :
– Concerning the grained calfskin, once or twice a year, proceed to a deeper cleaning using a specific cleansing milk. Don’t forget to end it up with a care cream massage.
– For all vegetable tanned leathers, use a soft cloth or a little brush (without any beauty cream)

Please note that this ritual doesn’t apply to shiny exotic leathers which require a very specific care and for which we recommand to consult us.